We are young

We are young.

Youth is a challenge to something new, and a thought to action.
We do not stop thinking and do not neglect our actions.

We are strong

We are strong.

It has been strengthened by solving various problems.
We are strong because there are colleagues who can help us when we are in trouble.

We are not looking for where we belong

We do not settle.

Farewell to the familiar is the first step in growth and spreads its wings towards higher places.

We are not cool

Our sincere values will manifest from the inside and
the light will be transmitted to the outside.

We are free

We are free.

We are not bound by the rules.
Think freely, communicate, and find rational alternatives.

We are running with blood on our knees

Our challenge will continue.

If you are afraid of failure and
do not challenge new things, there will be no further progress.
Even if I fall, I get up and run silently.